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what is EgOODS?

eGoods is a Cryptocurrency cashback site that gives people 10% cashback in the form of IntraCoins.

eGoods is affiliated with some of the worlds top retailers including Amazon and Wal-Mart. 

eGoods was created to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency, and to provide current crypto-enthusiasts with a way to get free coins without having to mine, but by simply shopping online using the eGoods portal.

IntraCoin can currently be used when shopping at Sneakerdad.com where customers receive 20% off their purchase for using IntraCoin as payment. We are working to establish more relationships with other companies as well. If you or anyone you know is interested in accepting IntraCoin as payment please Contact us.














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What is IntraCoin?



      what is intracoin?

IntraCoin is the cryptocurrency that fuels eGoods. Likewise, eGoods is what currently gives IntraCoin its life. The two need each other to be relevant, and both need community involvement to thrive.

IntraCoin is a lot like Bitcoin in the sense that its purpose is to be a digital currency. IntraCoin however, has major advantages over Bitcoin. The primary advantages being that it’s faster and has lower fees which makes it perfect for shopping. 

Another major advantage of IntraCoin is it takes community involvement to a whole other level. With Bitcoin, community members are rewarded for mining and this can be said for pretty much all cryptocurrencies. This isn’t always a convenient option for everyone. So, IntraCoin was created to reward people for something they do every day, shop.

When you shop at Walmart, for example, using the eGoods portal, you’re rewarded with 10% cashback of your total purchase in IntraCoin. Furthermore, when you shop at participating retailers, you’re rewarded with a discount for simply using IntraCoin as a payment method; introducing to the world the new definition of “PoS”, Proof of Shopping (serious joke).

IntraCoin and eGoods were created 100% with people in mind. There is no other cryptocurrency that rewards you for doing things you do every day. It’s time we get back to the roots of why cryptocurrency was created in the first place, equity, freedom, and equality. 

For more information on IntraCoin, visit the IntraCoin website by clicking the “Learn More” button below.


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